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European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Site Selection Checklist

November 2021

Authors: Anna Hughes; Philine zu Ermgassen

Download: NORA-Site-Selection-Checklist-2021-11.pdf

What restoration practitioners need to know about the oyster production industry

November 2021

Authors: Åsa Strand; Nienke Bakker; Allan Bird; Ainhoa Blanco; Kruno Bonačić; Gianni Brundu; Berenger Colsoul; Iarfhlaith Connellan; Fiz da Costa; Monica Fabra; Mary Hannan; Tristan Hugh-Jones; Gary Humm; Pernille Nielsen; Brecht Stechle; Philine zu Ermgassen

Download: NORA-What-restoration-practitioners-need-to-know.pdf

What oyster producers need to know about oyster habitat restoration

November 2021

Authors: Philine zu Ermgassen; Pierre Boudry; Tom Cameron; Anamarija Frankic; Celine Gamble; Luke Helmer; Zoë Holbrook; Pauline Kamermans; Joanne Preston; Camille Saurel; David Smyth; Åsa Strand

Download: NORA-What-oyster-producers-need-to-know.pdf

European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Monitoring Handbook

November 2021
(updated on 03.2022)

Editors: Philine zu Ermgassen, Oscar Bos, Alison Debney, Celine Gamble, Azra Glover, Bernadette Pogoda, Stéphane Pouvreau, William Sanderson, David Smyth, Joanne Preston

Download: European-Native-Oyster-Habitat-Restoration-Monitoring-Handbook-updated-03-2022.pdf

Forty questions of importance to the policy and practice of native oyster reef restoration in Europe


Authors: Philine S. E. zu Ermgassen, Kruno Bonačić, Pierre Boudry, Cass A. Bromley, Tom C. Cameron, Bérenger Colsoul, Joop W. P. Coolen, Anamarija Frankić, Boze Hancock, Tom M. van der Have, Zoë Holbrook, Pauline Kamermans, Ane T. Laugen, Nancy Nevejan, Bernadette Pogoda, Stéphane Pouvreau, Joanne Preston, Christopher J. Ranger, William G. Sanderson, Hein Sas, Åsa Strand, William J. Sutherland


Factsheet: Let´s bring back oyster reefs!

June 2021

Editors: NORA Secretariat & Native Oyster Network – UK & Ireland (NON)


Background photo:
Udo van Dongen, Bureau Waardenburg

Let’s Bring Back Oyster Reefs! #GenerationRestoration

June 2021

NORA Secretariat & The Native Oyster Network – UK & Ireland (NON)
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Background photo:
Udo van Dongen, Bureau Waardenburg

June 2021

NORA Secretariat & The Australian Shellfish Reef Restoration Network (SRRN)
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European Guidelines on Biosecurity in Native Oyster Restoration

November 2020

Editors: Philine zu Ermgassen, Celine Gamble, Alison Debney, Bérenger Colsoul, Monica Fabra, William G Sanderson, Åsa Strand, Joanne Preston

Download: European-Guidelines-on-Biosecurity-in-Native-Oyster-Restoration.pdf

European Native Oyster Habitat Restoration Handbook

November 2020 

Editors: Joanne Preston, Celine Gamble, Alison Debney, Luke Helmer, Boze Hancock, Philine zu Ermgassen

Download: European-Native-Oyster-Habitat-Restoration-Handbook.pdf

The Native Oyster Restoration Alliance (NORA) and the Berlin Oyster Recommendation: bringing back a key ecosystem engineer by developing and supporting best practice in Europe 


Authors: Bernadette Pogoda, Janet Brown, Boze Hancock, Joanne Preston, Stephane Pouvreau, Pauline Kamermans, William Sanderson and Henning von Nordheim

Aquatic Living Resources (2019) Vol. 32, Article No. 13:

The Berlin Oyster Recommendation – result of a common workshop on native oyster restoration and reintroduction.


Authors: Bernadette Pogoda, Janet Brown, Boze Hancock, Henning von Nordheim (eds.)

Download: Berlin-Oyster-Recommendation-Part-1.pdf