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Introducing the NORA Expert Database

Welcome to the NORA expert database. Native oyster restoration in Europe benefits widely from sharing experience and expertise as well as enthusiastic collaboration between projects and experts. NORA seeks to support this ongoing knowledge exchange and to assist those currently undertaking and those new to restoration, in finding and connecting with the expertise they need to make their project a success. Whether seeking adult oysters, seed oysters, or knowledge and information, this expert database aims to enable partners to connect within the oyster restoration community..

How to use the database

To find relevant experts, simply click on the theme that most closely matches your area of interest. Experts who have self-identified as having interest in and knowledge of this theme will then be displayed with their contact information and a short introduction to themselves, to best allow you to select and contact experts with the relevant expertise.

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Please consider joining the database to allow others to quickly and easily identify you as an expert in your field. The NORA Secretariat welcomes feedback on the utility of this database and any suggestions for improvement. Please contact with suggestions or comments.